Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Team Fortress 2 Hack: Free TF2 Hack Item Generator

Team Fortress 2 Hack | Free Tf2 Items Hack Generator

Team Fortress 2 is a very popular game that has become free in steam. Millions of players log on to the game everyday to play the fast paced, team based shooter developed by Valve. Unfortunately it takes a long time to get new items and when you do, it isn't guaranteed to be a good item. After a long time of struggling to get new items and weapons, I found an amazing tool online. This Team Fortress 2 Hack allows me to generate ANY item that I want. With this TF2 hack I can finally enjoy the game and have fun like you should with any game.

After generating lots of weapons I decided to generate some really rare items. I managed to get a ton of keys with this hack!! You can generate anything you want - items, hats, keys, even unusuals.

If you want to get a backpack like mine all you have to do is download the item generator. Open up the tf2 hack and simply input your STEAM ID and the ITEM ID of what you want to generate. You can find the item IDs of what you want to generate from google. You can generate an unlimited amount of items into your backpack but I would suggest only generating 10 items a day to reduce suspicion. After inputting the correct information into the generator, press generate and after 1 hour you should see the items in your backpack. The generator is completely undetected for the moment so I suggest you download and generate items right away. It exploits a packet sending vulnerability within the game to generate itemsinto your TF2 backpack. This may be patched in the future so download this Team Fortress 2 hack right away and make the most of it.

Luckily I saved the link to download the amazing hack. To download the item generator all you have to do is complete a short offer. This security system is put in place to verify that a robot is not downloading the file. It also prevents too many people from getting the item generator and getting it patched. It only took me 30 seconds to complete the survey and it definitely was worth it as I now have all the TF2 items that I would ever want. Download it here